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I am so confident that you will receive a lot of benefit from all of my products and services I offer you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after 30 days you feel you have received no benefit at all, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.


Most people don't need serious relationship counselling ....... they just need some new insights and to take some new actions
PHONE and INTERNET sessions completely CONFIDENTIAL.
$3.00 per minute via credit card - 12PM TO 10 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.
PH. +61 419 528 316 or click on "Contact Us" on the Tool Bar to book your preferred day and time with Jane


If you would like me to be your personal Counsellor/Coach various price packages are available.

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Skype/Phone Consultations

 * Special rates are available for pensioners on the presentation of your card.


  • Assumes the client is whole and wants to reach their full potential
  • Looks to the future rather than dwelling on the past
  • About development, growth and moving forward
  • Works with consciousness (thoughts and possibilities) to create breakthroughs
  • Based on changing thoughts and behaviours through powerful questioning techniques to get different results
  • Moves people to a higher level of thinking and functioning
  • Focuses on actions with reporting back and homework in-between sessions
  • Is a unique blend of Neuroscience, Ontology, Human Potential Psychology, Ancient Wisdoms, Mystical Law and Neuralistic Programming NLP
  • Combined with Jane's extensive life experience and intuition
Having experienced telephone counselling with Jane I would like to say that the best gift I could offer is her recommendation. Since receiving her counselling I am now much less fearful, happy and have a positive outlook on life. Jane's warmth, encouragement and amazing intuition have helped me "turn the corner" and given me the strength to face situations I couldn't in the past.
- Angie Cameron, Melbourne


  • Finding True Love / Dating
  • Commitment phobia
  • Self Esteem
  • Sexual issues and general questions on sexuality
  • Sex & pornography addiction
  • Infidelity & trust issues in a relationship
  • Anger Management
  • Creating an amicable separation & divorce (not the legal).
  • Re-igniting passion in a relationship
  • Personal & Spiritual Development


Unless it is just a CHAT at $3.00 per minute, counselling sessions are also usually by phone or Skype and 30 mins to 1 hour in duration. The longer sessions work out to be more cost effective (see the table below).

A minimum of 4 - 6 sessions is advisable, but world wide counselling models have shown that 3 mth blocks produce the best results although you will start to see or feel some results after just one session. All sessions are held weekly or fortnightly and it is your responsibility to phone me at our agreed time.

Some people continue to be in contact with their Coach regularly for the rest of their life, while others choose to tap in on and off at various times when it suits them.


1.It can be completely anonymous if you prefer it that way. I do not need to know your name.

2. You can be anywhere in the world (as long as you have a mobile or internet connection)

3. Even if you live in Melbourne phone sessions save travelling time and they will fit into your busy life and you don't have to travel or fight the traffic to get to your appointment.

4. If you live interstate or overseas contact can be maintained very easily as calls are FREE if you download VIBER or WHATSAPP on your cellphone. Another alternative for FREE calls is SKYPE on the Internet. Even if you choose to use your Landline International calls are now often FREE or LOW COST to many countries around the world. You will be pleasantly surprised when you check the rates.


I will be that special friend who will get you from A to B. I will never judge you but I will always challenge you and support you, encourage you, and make you accountable for taking action. I will listen and question you in such a way that you will often find the answer you are looking for without me helping you. None of us can walk alone in this world, we all need a helping hand (not even me). You must however be committed to taking the next step and you must be ready to look at yourself and your life in a very different way. You must be hungry to turn your life around or it will be of little value to you.

My aim is for you to develop and grow. Everything that you tell me will be confidential. You will find me compassionate and caring but I will not hesitate to ask you some challenging questions when I think it is necessary. My aim is to touch your heart and make a difference to your life so that you too will go out into the world and make a difference in your own unique way. Once you get started it's not that scary, it's actually exciting. You won't regret it. I promise. janesbook

Life Path Tarot Readings also available by Skype, phone or in person.

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* Please note payment is required prior to the session once the date and time is established. Contact Jane on +61 418 528 316 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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