How To Achieve A Successful Divorce

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This book is full of easy do- it yourself win- win emotional and financial solutions that will help you to avoid the needless pain and suffering that is often associated with separation and divorce. It also has the potential to save you thousands of $$$$ in legal fees.

This book is simple to read and can be read in approx 60 minutes so you definitely won’t feel bogged down by complex detail.

It is about one thing; positive outcomes for ALL concerned.

You will learn how to:

  • Deal with your anger and your emotional turmoil in a positive way
  • Make wise choices and decisions regarding your children’s emotional and physical well-being without involving a lawyer
  • Create a respectful relationship with your ex-partner
  • Create a respectful relationship with yourself so that you can move on in a positive way
  • Maintain a loving respectful relationship with your children
  • Deal with the grandparents
  • Achieve successful financial and emotional outcomes for all concerned
  • Avoid the costs of lawyers and the ongoing legal battles
  • Settle amicably and fairly without costly legal fees

These techniques have worked for me and many other people I have coached so they can work for you too.

Although this book is specifically written for the Australian market the same principles can be applied anywhere in the western world.

"Absolutely terrific. I wish I had've read "keep your ex-partner special in your heart" years ago - S, Family Court of Australia
Disclaimer: This book does not purport or intend to give legal advice. It is only intended to provide suggestions for your consideration.

You can download this e-book and be reading it in a few mins for only AUD 9.95