If you are on this page you are probably feeling stuck and frustrated?
Do you want fast change?
Do you know most people just need a new way of seeing things and to take new actions?

ALL SESSIONS with Jane are completely CONFIDENTIAL. 


"Many thanks for your advice, guidance and support over the past few weeks. What started out on my part as simply seeking help to “get my lady friend out of my mind as quickly as possible” has now helped me to remove some long standing obstacles to personal growth  and led me to places I never thought existed" 
-  Arthur, Executive, Sydney  

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Thank God for your work and it being available.  Our conversation last night gave me the clarity I needed to take care of myself and let this relationship go”. YOU are TRULY A GOD SEND"
- Alyson, CEO, Malibu, California

• Finding Love / Dating strategies
• Commitment phobia
• Keeping couples together and re-igniting love and passion.
• Infidelity & trust issues
• Sexual issues and general questions on sexuality
• Sex & pornography addiction


• Assumes the client is whole and wants to reach their full potential
• Looks to the future rather than dwelling on the past
• About development, growth and moving forward
• Works with consciousness (thoughts and possibilities) to create breakthroughs
• Based on changing thoughts and behaviours through powerful questioning techniques to get different results
• Moves people to a higher level of thinking and functioning
• Focuses on actions with reporting back and homework in-between sessions
• Is a unique blend of Neuroscience, Ontology, Human Potential Psychology, Ancient Wisdoms, Mystical Law and Neuralistic Programming 
• Combined with Jane's extensive life experience and intuition

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